Monday, April 13, 2009

Social Networking and how to be safer

With all the social networking options out there to keep us occupied and connected there is something also dangerous about that information being available to strangers. I've begun to think about this quite a bit. I have been using some of these media products and it is slightly disturbing to think that there are malicious people out there looking for ways to steal your identity. It is almost far too easy to have your life stolen by another. I encourage you to read this post, Social Networking Identity Theft Scams on Bruce Schneier's blog. It will make you pause a moment. Think about the information you are posting and always be on guard. Often we are eager to become friendly with people but the lack of personal contact can complicate the ability to build trust in a network friend. We can hide so easily from afar and as we become more willing to share we are also becoming more likely to be targets of identity theft.

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